Our Story

The motivation behind starting Stop Sweat Fix came when one of the founders was tired of suffering from excessive sweating for many years, and decided he had to find a solution. He went to doctors, skin care specialists and dieticians, and was advised to try a number of different products for hyperhidrosis and services; but they either didn't work or were far too expensive.

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Who is Stop Sweat Fix for?

In simple words, Stop Sweat Fix is a “no sweat spray”, that is specifically formulated for anyone who is suffering from excessive sweat from their underarms, body, hands and feet. Whether you're a business person, fitness enthusiast, partygoer, teacher, student, stressed or have various medical conditions, Stop Sweat Fix may be the perfect solution for you.

No More sweat patches, No More sweaty hands or feet. Stay dry, confident and sweat-free. Having helped thousands of people around the world, we don’t hold back from stating that stop sweat fix is the best antiperspirant for excessive sweating available on the market. 

You're Not Alone!

As many as 350 million individuals in the world have excessive sweating, meaning they sweat a lot for no apparent reason, such as being hot or doing physical activity. If you have this condition, you might sweat so much it soaks through your clothes.

However, Stop Sweat Fix has proven to be a blessing to many people like this and has helped many people regain their confidence and freedom back by helping them to stay sweat free from any unwanted sweat all day, every day.

Our no sweat spray’s aim is not only to help people who are suffering from excessive sweating but to also save them with those highly expensive treatments or surgeries.