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"I had no idea there was a solution for excessive sweating until I come across Stop Sweat Fix. This product has completely changed my life, by giving me the confidence to go anywhere and do anything and knowing I'm not going to excessively sweat like I have for so many years. So grateful for this product and would recommended this product to anyone that is uncomfortable with their excessive sweat."

Julie M

"Stop Sweat Fix, thank you so much for making a product that actually works and was able to help me with my sweating problem. I have tried so many products on the market and they just don't cut it. Great product and affordable price."

Shantelle G

"A great product that actually works. I use this product once a week before I go to sleep and wash it off in the morning. I now have no sweating issue whatsoever from my underarms! I only wish I found this product sooner."

Tom B

"A Great Product that works. Highly recommend giving this stuff a go for anyone that sweats a little too much. Working in the office through summer is no longer daunting thought for me and I have more confidence than ever. Feels great to not worry about my sweaty hands and armpits day in day out."

Daniel H

1 x Stop Sweat Fix $34.95 

2 x Stop Sweat Fix $59.95 - (save $9.95)

3 x Stop Sweat Fix $74.95 - (save $29.90)

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