Get The Facts About Aluminium In Antiperspirants

Get The Facts About Aluminium In Antiperspirants

So here's the Facts..

If you’ve used an antiperspirant or antiperspirant deodorant before, chances are you’ve come across aluminium chloride.


What is aluminium chloride?


Aluminium chloride is an aluminium salt. It’s an active ingredient that makes antiperspirants work. It is extremely effective since it can form a stronger, deeper barrier against sweat compared to other aluminium compounds.



Why is aluminium chloride effective in antiperspirants?

Antiperspirant deodorants with aluminium chloride safely reduce the amount we sweat: the gel barrier sits on the skin forming a non-permanent physical barrier for eccrine sweat glands. It is extremely effective since it can form a stronger barrier against sweat compared to other aluminium compounds.



Is aluminium in antiperspirant safe?

If you’ve used an antiperspirant or antiperspirant deodorant before, chances are you’ve come across aluminium. There is no scientific research to suggest that any of the ingredients used in antiperspirants, including aluminium, are damaging to your health. Antiperspirants and deodorants are effective and safe to use on a regular basis. And while many people are under the impression that antiperspirants prevent the “sweating out” of harmful toxins, there is no scientific evidence that validates this claim. In fact, experts argue against this notion based on two facts:

  • Toxins are removed from the body through the liver and kidneys and not through sweating
  • Underarm antiperspirants do not alter the body’s overall ability to sweat to any significant degree. Sweat is produced from 5 million sweat glands all over the body, and antiperspirants and deodorants are only applied to the underarm area, where approximately 1% of sweat is produced. Underarm sweat is usually more noticeable to us because it doesn’t evaporate as easily.

An overview of the extensive research conducted on antiperspirant safety can be found on, where there are quotes from the likes of the American Cancer Society, the National Cancer Institute, Alzheimer’s Association, and All of these organisations report there is no scientific proof of a connection between the aluminium in antiperspirants and any of the respective diseases studied.



How do antiperspirant deodorants with aluminium chloride work?


Antiperspirants, including those with aluminium chloride, control the flow of sweat from the sweat glands in the skin. When aluminium combines with moisture (like sweat), it dissolves to form a superficial gel that sits on our skin. That gel acts as a barrier on the skin's surface. This inhibits the flow of sweat to the surface and reduces the wet feeling associated with sweating.

For over-the-counter products, the maximum amount of aluminium chloride hexahydrate allowed in an antiperspirant is 20%, which is the amount Stop Sweat Fix contains.

Stop Sweat Fix is as strong an antiperspirant as you can get without a prescription, while being completely safe to use. 

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