Our Story

The motivation behind starting Stop Sweat Fix came when one of the founders was tired of suffering from excessive sweating for many years, and decided he had to find a solution. He went to doctors, skin care specialists and dieticians, and was advised to try a number of different products for hyperhidrosis and services; but they either didn't work or were far too expensive.

This led to a lot of frustration, so he started doing more research and found that there were some basic no sweat spray products available on the market. He tried a few of them, and some did initially help with the excessive sweat, however, the down side was some products only lasted for a very short amount of time and once again, some just didn't work at all.


After working with a compounding pharmacist and trialling different variations, he finally ended up with the Stop Sweat Fix formula; which was able to stop excessive sweating for 7 days straight from the first application. The best part is that it only had to be applied once per week, prior to sleep.


This was a major breakthrough and a huge weight lifted off his shoulders knowing that he was now able to go anywhere and do anything without having to carry his personal embarrassment of excessive sweating and constantly having sweat patches covering his clothes.


He then started talking to family, friends and colleagues, and was surprised to find out that many of them had also been silently battling excessive sweat (some worse than others); so he initially started supplying this no sweat spray to them and anyone else interested. The feedback that was received was overwhelming, everyone came back saying it had completely dried their excessive sweating areas.


After the overwhelming positive feedback, we decided to make it our mission to help the millions of other people that suffer from excessive sweat worldwide which is estimated to be around 5% of the population to live dryer and more confident lives.


All this may not sound like a big deal to the everyday person but for individuals that suffer from excessive sweat, most know personally how big of a deal this can be. Being able to go about your day to day life without having to worry about excessive sweat is a life changer. 


We hope Stop Sweat Fix can help change your life for the better too.