How to Use


How to use Stop Sweat Fix

The Stop Sweating Spray is a premium hyperhidrosis treatment that helps stop excessive sweating for up to 7 days. The No Sweat Spray can be applied to the body, underarms, hands, and feet.

See our 4 easy steps to help stop excessive sweating today.


For: Body, Underarms, Hands and Feet.

Step 1:

Spray 2 - 5 times on the treatable area.

(Take a shower at night before bed. Only apply on clean and completely dry skin. Wait at least 15 minutes after a shower to be completely dry). 


Step 2:

Spread with your fingers as required.

(Avoid touching your eyes or other sensitive areas with your hands after application).


Step 3:

Go to sleep with the Stop Sweat Fix on.

(You may feel a slight tingling sensation, but that's just a sign that the solution is working its magic. If you have sensitive skin and the tingling sensation becomes too much, wash the product off).


Step 4: 

Wake up in the morning, rinse off or wipe the treated area clean and STAY SWEAT FREE.

(You can use your everyday deodorants as normal).



Use Stop Sweat Fix once per week or when necessary. 

Ultimate results may take a few uses to gain full effect, so don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results. With regular use, you should able to enjoy long-lasting relief from excessive sweating. Hands and Feet may require more frequent applications. Individual results may vary.


Test on skin before use. Do not use on sensitive, broken or irritated skin. If your skin becomes irritated stop use immediately and apply moisturiser. If symptoms persist consult your doctor.


Sensitive Skin Care:
In very rare cases, over-application of Stop Sweat Fix may cause irritation. Therefore, we recommend that individuals with sensitive skin take the following precautions: apply moisturiser in the morning before using Stop Sweat Fix and again the following morning after washing off the solution. This additional step helps to mitigate the risk of any potential skin irritation.