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When it comes to antiperspirants, most people want two things: good sweat protection and no stains on their clothes.

With Stop Sweat Fix, you can have the best of both.


Our product for hyperhidrosis protects your garments from yellow stains thanks to our proprietary formula.


Stop Sweat Fix is an easy-to-use liquid “no sweat spray” applicator, it can be applied to your body, underarms, hands and feet to stop unwanted sweat for up to 7 days.


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Directions for use:

Only apply on clean and completely dry skin at night before going to sleep (wait at least 15 minutes after a shower to be completely dry).

Go to sleep with the Stop Sweat Fix on.

In the morning wipe or rinse off the treated area.


Application for Underarms or Hands or Feet: Spray 1 - 3 times on the treatable area and spread with your fingers as required. (Hands and feet may require extra product).

Use Stop Sweat Fix once per week or when necessary. 

Ultimate results may take a few uses to gain full effect. 

How it works:

Stop Sweat Fix causes the sweat duct to constrict, preventing perspiration in that area. Leaving the area sweat-free for up to 7 days after just 1 application of Stop Sweat Fix.

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Luke P.
Australia Australia

This works

This works. Period. Second time I used it I didn't sweat for 5 days. Even public speaking when I was nervous. Must be used before bed, after a hot shower, and remain on till the morning. You will feel a slightly uncomfortable sensation, tingling etc, that is just overnight. Worth it. Deviate from the above and it won't work well. For the first 3 days. it stops ALL sweat from the applied area. Longest I've had it effective is 5 days. This product is amazing and a life changer. Just get it.

Britney P.
Australia Australia

Love it!!

I have struggled for a long time with excessive sweat due to anxiety and this little bottle of magic has really helped me finally wear the clothes I would like to and has given me my confidence back. I love it and recommend it to everyone.

Tim L.
Australia Australia


After the first application this worked straight away!!! I went almost two weeks before second application. The best ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Scott W.
Australia Australia

Great innovation to prevent perspiration.

Long lasting and easily applied.

Robyn M.
Australia Australia

It really works

I cannot believe how well this product works.